anita leutgeb – practice&research FOR DEVELOPMENT
monitoring&evaluation consultant, trainer/facilitator

My mission is to contribute to improve people’s lives. Therefore, I offer consultancy services for non-profit, social profit and public organisations to deliver their programmes and services more effectively by providing them with evidence for decision-making and improved programme design.

My focus is on revealing and developing existing potentials in people and organisations. I combine practice and social research to support my clients to achieve greater impact. ALL SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE IN SIX LANGUAGES.

> in working with and for people, communities and organisations that improve poor or marginalised people’s lives

> in combining social research and practical project experience

> in contributing to foster learning processes within organisations

> in working in English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish

> in having country experience with partners in Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America

My work includes program/project evaluations and impact studies, livelihoods, gender and social (impact) analysis, project design, facilitation of workshops (especially for strategy development, goal-finding, lessons learned). In addition, I give trainings in impact-oriented project management and evaluation.