M&E Consultancy for EC-DG NEAR/EU TF (2016-2020)

In a first phase (re-)construction of the intervention logic, creation of a strategic M&E framework with a set of sector-specific indicators (focus: migration&development, institutional capacity building), drafting M&E guidelines, in a second phase advisory service to match existing project proposals/logframes (including agencies such as Agence Francaise de Développement, GIZ, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ENABEL, PLAN International, AECID, FIIAPP etc.) with the newly created strategic Monitoring and Learning framework, ongoing M&E support and training. Region: Northern African countries.

Monitoring Report 1

Evaluation of the effects of the international volunteer deployment programme of Caritas Austria on host organisations and host communities

The evaluation aims to evaluate the effects of young volunteers who on average remain        between 3 and 12 months in a country on host communities and host organisations. Case studies: Mozambique, Mexico, Thailand; online survey in 3 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, extensive literature review.

M&E Consultancy for Caritas Austria, 3-year multicountry advocacy project for Migration&Development MIND (2018-2020)

Support of the project manager and 11 European partner organisations in setting up a project M&E system, support learning and capacity building, preparing quarterly monitoring reports, annual effectiveness reports, evaluating the effectiveness of the actions and measuring impact.

Particpatory mid-term evaluation of the multi-country WWF awareness raising project “Responsible seafood consumption for the benefit of people, oceans and climate ”

The focus of the evaluation was on relevance and effectiveness of the project (implemented in 17 countries in Europe and overseas) and its internal management. For the evaluation I applied a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods (online survey, interviews, group discussions, document analysis).

Presentation of MEAL STRATEGIES AND LEARNING FROM PROJECTS at the Knowledge Management for Development Group Vienna

I presented and discussed Monitoring Evaluaton Accountability and Learning strategies with a focus on learning from projects with representatives from CARE Austria, HORIZONT3000, Diakonie, Caritas, and a colleague from the Vienna Evaluation Network. I share the presentation with you and I am happy to receive any feedback.

Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Relevance of UNHCR advocacy
approaches with the EU and in EU countries

Together with Glenn O’Neil (Owl RE) I participated in data collection and analysis in Austria and Germany applying a contribution analysis approach.

Evaluation of the small grants instrument of Brot für die Welt

Evaluation of the small grants instrument “Churches help Churches” of Brot für die Welt, Germany (field studies for interviews in Argentina, Uruguay, Ukraine, Romania) as team leader. Cooperation with Mainlevel.

Summary of the evaluation report 

Evaluation of Caritas Austria Foreign Department’s Strategic Plan

Participatory mid-term evaluation of the implementation of Caritas Austria’s strategic plan (two online surveys, focus group discussions, key informant interviews, etc.)

(Meta-)Evaluation of a Multi-country Food Security Programme, Caritas Austria

Final evaluation of a food security programme in four Sub-Saharan countries (Burkina Faso, Senegal, Ethiopia, Congo) with a strong focus on capacity development and knowledge management. One part analysis synthesis of country evaluation report, one part primary data collection through interviews. Report (pdf)

Grant writing for Volkshilfe Solidarität, Austria 

Proposal for a humanitarian aid project in Westsahara for submission to European charity foundations

Programme management and strategic advisory for BRAVEAURORA, Ghana and Austria 

1-day Training on impact-oriented project planning for staff of Catholic Diocese of Linz

Research on employment effects of financial sector interventions in
the MENA region for GIZ, Germany 

I was part of the research team of Reinhard Paulesich from the Vienna University of Economics. Comparison with best practice examples from different countries in the world. Research carried out in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French.

Project management, strategic advisory for Aktion Regen, Austria

Grant writing for a project in India on behalf of Hinzen Privatkontor, Germany

Proposal writing for submission to German Foundations, context: India, St. Augustine’s Social Service Society, education and training for disabled children/youth

Grant writing for a school project in Israel

Proposal writing for submission to German Foundations, context: Israel, Salesian Sisters, education. Commissioner: Don Bosco Sisters Germany.

Grant writing – projects in various sectors

Proposal writing for submission to a Swiss Foundation, context: Philippines, Ethiopia, Benin, Mali (education, psycho-social counselling, rural development). Commissioner: Jugend Eine Welt, Austria.

Assessment of the impact of Fair Trade to improve Turkana women’s livelihoods – in cooperation with EZA Fairer Handel, Austria

Research report based on literature review and field study in the seminomad Turkana Region of Kenya (pdf). For the assessment I applied a quasi-experimental approach.

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