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Anita Leutgeb

Anita Leutgeb

In a nutshell

experience as adult trainer since 1993
experience in international project and programme management since 2000 (from 2000-2003 as a volunteer in different NGOs)
experience as independent consultant with a focus on results-oriented planning, monitoring&evaluation, research, learning since 2013
co-founder and co-chair of the Vienna Evaluation Network (http://www.viennaevaluationnetwork.eu) since 2017

I am thrilled by learning new things, sectors, techniques, methods and personal development. I am passionate about combining research, practice and creativity to inquiry into what works best or what could be improved so that my clients achieve greater impact.

I love multilingualmulticultural and transdisciplinary environments. I am fluent in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. In the past 25 years I lived and worked in different cities in Austria, Germany, Italy, France and Mozambique and travelled to a huge number of countries both for work, studies and vacation.

My great passion for foreign languages, cultures and people’s life stories allows me to adapt very quickly and well to different cultures and to establish excellent (cross-cultural) working relationships.

Prior to my independent consultancy and research work I worked as programme manager in international development in NGOs and as a language teacher and adult trainer. For more than ten years I have been collaborating with implementing partners in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. 


MSc from the University of London (SOAS) in Managing Rural Development. Dissertation on the impact of Fair Trade on Turkana basket weaving women’s livelihoods (published 2014).

Diploma in International Politics and Development cooperation from the School of International Politics and Development Cooperation (SPICeS) in Rome

Mag.phil. in Languages, History and Social Studies from the University of Innsbruck, Rome and Berlin (accredited High School Teacher)

Further trainings in project management (ISO-17024 certification), evaluation and impact measurement, technology for M&E, effective and creative evaluation report writing, outcome harvesting, appreciative inquiry, languages, fair trade organisational assessments to verify compliance with standards, facilitation (in particular Liberating Structures), knowledge management certificate, certified mental health coach, etc.



Please contact me for more information on how I can support you or to receive my full CV:

E office[@]anitaleutgeb.at

T +43 (0) 680/5519705

I am based in Austria, but work internationally.

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