Evaluation of the WIPO project on Increasing the Role of Women in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Encouraging Women in Developing Countries to Use the Intellectual Property System

The purpose of the project was to strengthen the innovative capacity of Mexico, Uganda, Oman and Pakistan, focusing on increasing the participation of women inventors and innovators in the national innovation system by supporting them in using the IP system more effectively. Activities carried out included awareness raising, production of knowledge products, mentoring women.

This entirely remote evaluation focuses on effectiveness and sustainability of the project and collects data through semi-structured interviews and document review.

Interview with mentor Chetan Uttarwar

wipo project_chetan_mentor

Ex-post evaluation of IOM’s support to the National Observatory for Migration (Tunisia)

Mixed methods approach: Key informant interviews during onsite visit with key stakeholders from government, non-governmental and international organizations, document review. The focus of the project was on building the capacity of the relatively young institution ONM (Observatoire nationale de la migration), journalists, press attachés of key Ministries, and to support the institution with visibility activities, for example through the creation of a website ( dedicated to support decision-makers with relevant migration related data and resources.

Assignment carried out in collaboration with Owl RE, Geneva.

IOM Africa Regional Migration Programme (ARMP)

The aim of the programme is to build long-term capacity of target governments to enable them to manage migration in a sustainable and humane manner.

The evaluation objective is to assess the performance of the inital 45 months of the ARMP and generate lessons to improve the upcoming phase of the programme. It shall help to identify emerging good practices that may be replicated. Case study responsibility for Sierra Leone (onsite), Djibouti, Angola, Mozambique, Togo.

Geographical Coverage: Algeria; Angola; Djibouti; Egypt; Ethiopia; Gambia; Lesotho; Libya; Malawi; Mauritania; Morocco; Mozambique; Senegal; Sierra Leone; Somalia; Sudan; Togo; Tunisia; Tanzania; Zambia; Zimbabwe

Assignment carried out in collaboration with Owl RE, Geneva.

IOM’s strategic and operational response to the Covid-19 pandemic

The aim of the remote evaluation is to evaluate IOM’s strategic, institutional, and operational approach and response to the Covid-19 pandemic and to provide recommendations and lessons learned on how to strengthen IOM’s work to better address the needs and preparedness for future global pandemic crises. Case study responsibility for Greece. Assignment carried out in collaboration with Owl RE, Geneva.

Friends of the Ocean Phase II

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learn Support: Consulting the project teams on the development of indicators, logframes, Theory of Change, providing monitoring and reporting support. Assignment carried out in collaboration with Owl RE, Geneva.

SDG Initiative 2022 “WIR LEBEN SDGs”

Together with my colleague Andrea Berg I provide this Austrian-wide initiative that embraces 8 Austrian NGOs with monitoring, evaluation and learning support (setting up a monitoring system, collect, analyse and compile monitoring data and present them to the steering commitee, carry out a mid-term and a final evaluation).

The involved NGOs aim to raise awareness on the Agenda 2030 and to boost activities for the implementation of SDG interventions. The initative wants to bring the spotlight on the SDGS als a powerfull instrument to promote social justice, sustainable economies and climate protection.

The main focus of the activities is on child labour and suppy chains, child and youth participation, SDG hikes, SDG Dialogue Forum, SDGs and cultural events, sports and a SDG smartphone ralley.

The project is funded by the Austrian Development agency and has a duration of 18 months.


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